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Location: Berlin
Price: 1 279 900 €

It is a gem dating back to Imperial Germany, and an asset to Berlin as architectural landmark: Riehmers Hofgarten. At the time, Wilhelm Riehmer let his courage and visionary zeal as builder inspire him to bypass the urban planning standards of his day in favour of upscale liveability. Rather than sticking with the dense development of tenements grouped around tiny courtyards, the master builder in 1891/1892 used a plot he owned to create a magnificent ensemble. With close attention to detail and the diligence of a heritage curator, large parts of the splendid vintage building were restored. It positively beams now with its regained historic glamour. The patrician façades present themselves with bright structures whereas the staircases inside are dominated by warm earthy colours. The entrance doors to houses and flats, the windows and stair railings were overhauled in line with their original historic design. Partially uncovered frescoes on the mezzanine levels illustrate the artful aesthetics of the era when the house was built. To meet sophisticated expectations, modern-day quality was seamlessly integrated. The lighting system as well as the bell and video intercom system complete the authentic design by adding upscale state-of-the-art technology. Water supply lines and waste water pipes were replaced, while heating and electrical installations were either upgraded or replaced. The eleven entranceways are named after scions of the Hohenzollern dynasty. The entranceway Carl at Grossbeerenstrasse 56 C gives you the choice of lift or stairs to ascend to a certain flat on the fourth floor. With its three bedrooms on about 105 square metres. As a community, the residents of this housing complex have the use of the attractive courtyard garden whose groomed trails, picnic lawns, boule court and playground offer various options for passing the time. Other amenities include having access to the roofed-over buggy and bicycle park, and access to the underground car park.In global city rankings, Berlin has been among the top ten for years. Complex cultural events, an engaging way of life, and a unique history have earned the metropolis its global renown. It motivates millions of visitors every year to come to Berlin to see for themselves. Over the past decade, about 400,000 of them were so captivated by the city that they decided to stay for good. To be sure, a high level of liveability makes it easy to fall in love with Berlin. But the city has so much more to offer. As a science hub, Berlin offers skills and knowledge in just about any scientific field you can think of. Moreover, Germany’s capital of start-up businesses has developed an economic dynamic that attracts companies from inside and outside the country. Its location in the European heartland recommends it as place of business every bit as much as its ability to provide high-skilled graduates and its proximity to the start-up scene with its innovative potential for prospering businesses of tomorrow. In Kreuzberg, the impulsive energy of young generations is keenly felt and reflected in up-and-coming trends. Aside from this district’s centrality and legendary hipness, life here is defined by a highly productive cultural scene and by creative diversity. Especially the Bergmannstrasse has enormous appeal. Every store here is one of a kind—whether it sells wine, pastry or coffee, antique junk, designer artefacts or vintage goods by the pound, gourmet dog food, vegan takeaway food or famous sausages—while the space in between is dotted with cinemas, theatres and churches that occasionally double as concert halls. All of this embedded in a historic setting of streets that are testimony to the cultural heritage of the city. Viktoriapark, Gleisdreieck Park or the vast grasslands of the former Tempelhof airport grounds provide plenty of outdoor space for local recreation and leisure activities.Extensive redevelopment of the building in close consultation with the heritage conservation authority was combined with upgrades to modern requirements in order to restore the complex to new splendour. Which makes it all the more exciting that you get to bring your personal interior decorating ideas to Grossbeerenstrasse 56 C. A spacious hallway welcomes you upstairs, providing access to rooms and bathroom. Across from the front door lies a balcony room of 27 square metres. It faces the leafy courtyard garden, as do the kitchen and another room next door. The separating walls have more or less symbolic characters, effectively creating an eat-in kitchen situation. In and of itself, the kitchen measures well over 15 square metres, the living area around 24 square metres. As long as the requirements of conservation and historic district protection are taken into account, the layout could be altered to meet future needs, e.g. by creating a single large room or, inversely, clearly separating the rooms from each other. Facing the other side of the building, and thus the small backyard, lies a room of barely 8 square metres that would also qualify as kitchen. Located next to it lies the bathroom. The lengthy hallway, which gets daylight, is spacious enough with its 17 square metres. The flat is ideal for a single- or two-person household that appreciates living at eye-level with the lovely courtyard garden. The unit as a whole is ready to be refurbished and to be customised according to the incoming owner’s ideas and requirements under the building code. The flat features all the elements that typify period buildings, such as wooden board floors and historic plaster mouldings on high ceilings. These are complemented by wooden doors and double-cased windows that were overhauled on the outside. The mail box system was also replaced. As part of the modernization, an elevator will be built, providing easy access to the housing unit.

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